Indonesia's Sea Turtles

Indonesia offers excellent habitats to marine turtles, which is reflected in the occurrence of:
-         Green Turtle
-         Hawksbill
-        Leatherback
-         Olive Ridley
-         Loggerhead
-    Flatback                                    


Threats to Sea Turtles in Indonesia

The major threats to marine turtles in Indonesia, as in the rest of the world, are human induced. Turtle harvest, incidental catch in fisheries and egg collection cause the most severe impacts on marine turtle population.

Turtle dealers have  justified for years the island's high turtle consumtion rate - sometimes reaching more than 20,000 turtles per year - by claiming that turtle meat was traditionally part of religious rituals and traditional festivals.

Taking care of injured turtles and setting them free to the ocean, information for local fishermen and burying turtle eggs - still for sale on many markets - on remote beaches for hatching, is our way in enforcing Law No. 5/1990, and Government Decree No. 7/1999 on Natural Resources Protection and Conservation - which stipulate that poaching, trading and slaughtering of turtles are illegal .


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