Tulamben at Baliís north coast is probably the most popular dive spot in Indonesia. Just 30 meter from the beach at Tulamben is a cargo ship wreck, broken up but impressive large. The US Liberty is 120 meter long, the top of the wreck is just three meters underwater, the bottom is at 29 meter. Experts estimate that some 400 species of fish live at the wreck.


Not far from the wreck is another dive spot, the Tulamben Drop Off. It is known for rare species and covered with large barrel sponges. Keen-eyed observers will find many interesting animals like Ghost Pipefish or beautiful colored Nudi Branches.


20 minutes away from Tulamben is Jemeluk, a small fisher village. Here you can find the best hard coral variety of Bali
Advanced divers will dive Gili Selang. Cool water, strong currents and untouched corals as well as sharks, turtles and large schools of fish.

Drift diving at Nusa Penida (20 different dive spots) with a good chance to see big fish, Gili Mimpang with its White-Tip Reef Sharks and Blue Spotted Rays, Gili Tepekongís breathtaking underwater scenery, Baliís Mantapoint and finally the Blue Lagoon where we saw Spotted Wobbegong Sharks.

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